Get your costume’s ready: It’s that time of year again…

It’s finally a week a way from Halloween. This is my favorite time of the year, where dressing your craziest is completely acceptable (even if you’re not at a rave). This past Saturday, I bought a $10 ticket to go to Midnight Masquerade, a costume party at a club in Phoenix.  The concert was headlined by Designer Drugs, a grind house duo from New York who are best known for there vast remixes in many genre’s of music. I was so excited to see them, because from everything I’ve heard, there set is not meant to dissapoint. LA SAPE, a local DJ duo who currently reside in Tempe, opened up for them, along with a few other local DJ’s.

The venue was located in downtown Phoenix, in a big warehouse. When we walked in, we could already feel the huge gust of heat emerge from high-energy crowd.

La Sape came out and immediately began playing the best tracks. The exuberant crowd was jumping up and down completely captivated by their sounds, especially all their friends in the crowd. When they played “Rattle” by Bingo Players, everyone got even more amped up.

I had to run out of the building to escape the inevitable heat and take a breather. As I heard the incredible songs they were playing I was dying to go back inside, but could not handle the heat again. So we deviously snuck in through a side door that was open, and found ourselves standing in a dark room. We quickly realized we were right behind the stage.

As the heat was still making us drip with sweat, we ran over to a huge fan blowing back stage. We then realized we were standing in between all of the artist’s dressing rooms. I have no idea how we got there. People started to crowd around the fan, as it was almost the only source of cool air in the building. We started talking to many of the kids, coming to realize that a few of them were the artists performing. One of the guys we were talking to was one of the DJ’s from the Phoenix duo, Skull Kids.

La Sape killing it.

We then ran to the side of the stage and danced to more of La Sape’s bangers. The crowd looked crazy from stage. A bunch of Mario Party characters were on stage throwing huge light sticks to the crowd, getting everyone even more exhilarated.

When La Sape ended the crowd didn’t seem to happy. It was as though they wanted them to play the rest of the night, and have no other Dj’s come on and try and fill their footprints. Designer Drugs quickly came on, it seemed as though they could not revive the crowd from La Sape’s mind-blowing set.

I don’t think it is just me when I say that La Sape’s set was 1000 times better than Designer Drugs. Their song choices we just not up to par with the previous set, and the crowd did not seem too pleased.

My friend Logan and I knew there was nothing for us to lose, so we wanted to try and run directly in front of Designer Drugs’ booth. We didn’t care if we got kicked out at this point. The lack of good songs was enticing us. So we jumped over a couch trying to barricade the people on the side of the stage, ran in front of their booth, and immediately got kicked out. It was completely worth it though.

Mario World characters blowing cool air at the crowd.

We were trying to get back into the venue, but realized there was absolutely no point. The highlight of my evening at Midnight Masquerade was the incredible set by La Sape, and no one else was going to top them for the night. Everything that I have heard about Designer Drugs live was nothing like how it was when I saw them. They were a major disappointment to the night, but La Sape saved the night with their amazing entrancing beats.

Please check out their Facebook page at and show La Sape some support!

For more pictures from the event go to Midnight Masquerade’s Facebook page:

Guess we have to wait til’ next year to dress in absurd outfit’s again.



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