Today is Sounwave Music Festival at Big Surf Wave Park in Mesa, Arizona. The line-up is filled with a bunch of different genres of incredible DJ’s including Kaskade, Dirty South, Z-Trip, Savoy, and Manufactured Superstars. The first acts start at 4:00 PM but the well-known DJ’s start around 7. There are three different stages filled with all different kinds of house music. The best part about it: the water slides are open, all night long. Last year it rained all day, but today is a beautiful sunny day, so it’s going to be AWESOME. If you are in Arizona, and aren’t busy, I highly suggest making it to Big Surf and getting a ticket for $40. It will be well worth it.


Tune in Monday for a recap of the great times that will be experienced at Soundwave! Hope to see anyone there raging your face off!


One thought on “SOUNDWAVE!!

  1. jmeeisner says:

    I look forward to hearing your expierence at this concert and compare it to past expierences you have shared in this blog!

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