So I went to see Bassnectar the other night at the Marquee in Tempe. Let’s just say he did NOT dissapoint. The show started off with one of my favorite groups, Big Gigantic. They are an electronic group from Boulder, Colorado who have recently been opening for Bassnectar on his tour around the country. Big G is composed of Dominic Lalli who is the producer and plays the Sax so compassionately, and Jeremy Saken on the drums. They opened up with their remix of the song “I Need A Dollar” by Aloe Black.  The entire crowd was signing along and loving their different spin on the song.


As they finished their incredible set, all I could think about it that Bassnectar was on next. The second he walked on stage the crowd went INSANE. I managed to be in front center, and the second he turned on his speakers you could feel the entire place vibrating.



Bassnectar put on incredible show playing his most famous song “Bass Head”, his remix of Ellie Goulding “Lights”. It was just an incredible night.



One thought on “BASSNECTAR

  1. jmeeisner says:

    I think that the pictures of your expierence bring out the excitment in the concerts you go to!

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