Identity Festival Chula Vista

As soon as we arrived at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista you could already hear The Disco Biscuits playing their electronica-jam fusion sounds from outside. When we walked in you could immediately feel the loving energy of the 80,000 ravers. We made our way into the front row right before Afrojack was supposed to come on. All of a sudden Steve Aoki came on stage and said Afrojack was stuck in traffic and is going to play some songs to stall for him.

Soon after Afrojack arrived on stage. They started off immediately with the song they made together called “No Beef”. The crowd went crazy and the party began to start. The sun began to set as the crowd became more and more hype as Afrojack played his insane dutch house songs like “Take Over Control” and ended with “Give Me Everything”. Afrojack’s set was complete, and ended on an incredible note. Literally.

As we patiently waited for the stage crew to set up Pretty Lights new stage, I was getting extremely excited. I’ve seen Pretty Lights perform more than 7 times, and every time his performance gets better by the minute. The second the lights went off and the countdown started, the crowd went INSANE. He immediately started off his set right when he played his recently released song, “I Know The Truth”. His new set up was absurd. He had his usual LED DJ booth but brought it to a whole other level by adding 20 tall box-like LED stands with visuals that perfectly went with the music he played. All of a sudden I heard him begin to remix my personal favorite, the James Brown remix of “Finally Moving”. It honestly almost brought tears to my eyes from how moving the song was and the incredible vibes of the crowd. He ended his set with his famous remix of “All Of The Lights” and jumped into the pit to shake the hands of all his loving fans.  By far the best set at Identity. That concluded his deeply moving set and up next was Kaskade.

I decided to finally leave the pit to go experience the view from the lawn right before Kaskade. The crowd was getting rowdy as Kaskade began playing his own remixes of songs like “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” “Raining” and a crowd favorite “Eyes”. After the extremely long and tiring day, we unfortunately decided to leave during Kaskade’s set. While walking out we stopped and chatted with different groups of people to take in every last bit of the festival that we could. Overall it was an incredible day jam packed with amazing artists and people to enjoy it with.


2 thoughts on “Identity Festival Chula Vista

  1. Philly this sounds like such a cool festival. Especially since I just went to my first electronic concert earlier this month. I saw Deadmau5 at the Phx Convention center and i thought that was insane. 80,000+ sounds absolutely crazy.

    Random note: It’s kinda hard to read your blog with the font color being gray.

    But I’m definitely looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

  2. jmeeisner says:

    I love the way you can write about you walking into the concert and can bring that feeling and that image into the mind of the reader. I think anyone who has been to a concert can relate.

    As Justin said above the font is difficult to read, but otherwise great blog!

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