The Swede DJ invades ASU!

This past weekend was Glowfest, a traveling music festival that’s invading multiple colleges throughout the year and bringing them top name artists. We were lucky enough to be brought amazing artists from two completely different music genres. On one side was Chiddy Bang, an alternative rap duo from Philadelphia, comprised of upbeat rapper Chiddy and drummer/producer, Xaphoon Jones. On the other side was Cazzette, and the incredible Swedish DJ, Avicii.

My friend Brittney didn’t have a ticket, so immediately when we arrived at the Mesa Ampitheatre we had to figure out a plan to get her in. She ended up climbing a huge tree, scaling and jumping over a fence, just to get into the concert. Surprisingly right when we all got in, we ran directly into her. The plan worked!

Now we knew it was going to be an insane night, and nothing was going to stop us.

The venue wasn’t completely full yet, so we were able to get right up front. Chiddy Bang came on first, and began performing “Opposite of Adults,” their remix of a sample from MGMT’s “Kids”. The crowd sang along to all of their catchy tunes including some of their other great songs like “All Things Go” “Pass Out” and “Dream Chasin’”.

As Chiddy Bang was ending, my friends and I were configuring a plan to get on stage for Avicii. Right when Cazzette came on, I saw an opening on the side of the stage where only one security guard was standing. I had someone distract him as Britt and I quickly bolted across the ramp and onto the stage. We were dancing right next to the DJ booth for a few minutes until a security guard kicked us off the stage.

During Cazzette’s set, we managed to run on stage one more time, and got kicked off again soon after. We decided to wait until Avicii came on to try it just one more time. I mean what were we really going to loose by attempting to get on stage one more time.

When Avicii came on, the crowd went absolutely insane. His set was about two hours long, but it felt like forever, and I’m not complaining. He played so many different combinations of songs, many of his own, but also some from different artists. As he was playing his hit single, “Seek Bromance” Britt and I ran back on stage again. This time security was not so forgiving, and they actually chased us off the stage and through the crowd until they caught us. They dragged us out of the crowd and out of the venue.

As we were being taken outside, we were trying to convince them to let us back in. Surprisingly the head of security came outside and said, “All they did was run on stage?” as the security guards affirmed he said, “Let them back in!”

We ran back into the venue and immediately started dancing to Avicii’s incredible feel good music, as we were so excited that somehow we were allowed back in the venue. Bottom line, running on stage 3 times was completely worth it.

Avicii played so many more amazing songs like “Levels” “Don’t Give Up On Us” and “Swede Dreams”. My friends and I managed to get on stage again, and were able to stay there for the rest of his set. It was incredible to see the crowd from stage, everyone was having the time of their lives. You could feel everyone’s happy energy throughout the entire venue. The best part for me was when he played a classic hip-hop song by House of Pain called “Jump Around”. The crowd was completely in sync as everyone jumped up and down. It was refreshing to hear some old school hip-hop in his set, mixed with a little bit of house.

Overall, the night was absolutely incredible. It was a great time with great friends, and amazing feel good music, and from the stage it looked like the entire crowd felt the same way.

The incredibly talented Laidback Luke has arrived in Arizona.

This past Thursday I went to see Laidback Luke play at The Venue of Scottsdale for a Halloween event called Thriller II.  It was an 18+ Costume Party with one of the biggest house names for only 22 bucks. So. Worth. It. Recently most of the best DJ’s that have been coming to Arizona have been at clubs, where us 20 year olds, who are dying to see them, can’t go. So I was extremely happy to hear that we were finally able to attend a great show. The last time I saw him was at Coachella last year, and it was by far one of the best show’s I have seen in my life.

When we arrived, it was a little chaotic. Everyone was scrambling around fighting their way to the front of the line to get in as quickly as possible. The people working there were doing everything in their power to make the process run as smoothly as possible. Cops were standing around arresting multiple kids for who knows what.

We finally got in and saw how awesome the venue actually was. It was an indoor courtyard with bars on both sides and the stage was located at the front.

The inside of The Venue of Scottsdale.

We got there just in time when Laidback Luke was about to go on. We got to the front of the stage and Laidback Luke came on stage. He certainly got the crowd hyped up immediately when he did a live remix of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” It was the perfect song to begin the wild night.

He played two of my favorite songs, “Save The World” by Swedish House Mafia and remixed it with “Paradise” a new song by Coldplay. It is unreal to hear two songs of completely different music genre’s mixed together in such a way, that the collaboration is better than listening to the individual songs.

He also played some other great songs like “Turbulence,” a song he made with Steve Aoki and Lil John, and MSTRKRFT’s remix of “Heartbreaker,” which is originally by John Legend.

That’s the one reason I love Laidback Luke. He finds a way to put together totally different songs, and make them sound absolutely in tune, like they were meant to be on the same track. He plays a bunch of remixes of other DJ’s, along with many other songs by well known pop artists like his remix of “Dirty Talk” by Wynter Gordon.

He kept showing the appreciation of his immense fans support by throwing up the love symbol. He is unlike many other DJ’s, because every second he gets he is engaging the crowd, singing to his own lyrics, and just putting on an entrancing show.

Laidback Luke giving the love sign.

After Laidback Luke played his last song, the crowd rushed out as my friend and I ran to the front. He took pictures with a few fans, and we were lucky enough to get one and talk to him for a minute. He was such a cool guy, and every time I see him live, it makes me love him more and more.

Get your costume’s ready: It’s that time of year again…

It’s finally a week a way from Halloween. This is my favorite time of the year, where dressing your craziest is completely acceptable (even if you’re not at a rave). This past Saturday, I bought a $10 ticket to go to Midnight Masquerade, a costume party at a club in Phoenix.  The concert was headlined by Designer Drugs, a grind house duo from New York who are best known for there vast remixes in many genre’s of music. I was so excited to see them, because from everything I’ve heard, there set is not meant to dissapoint. LA SAPE, a local DJ duo who currently reside in Tempe, opened up for them, along with a few other local DJ’s.

The venue was located in downtown Phoenix, in a big warehouse. When we walked in, we could already feel the huge gust of heat emerge from high-energy crowd.

La Sape came out and immediately began playing the best tracks. The exuberant crowd was jumping up and down completely captivated by their sounds, especially all their friends in the crowd. When they played “Rattle” by Bingo Players, everyone got even more amped up.

I had to run out of the building to escape the inevitable heat and take a breather. As I heard the incredible songs they were playing I was dying to go back inside, but could not handle the heat again. So we deviously snuck in through a side door that was open, and found ourselves standing in a dark room. We quickly realized we were right behind the stage.

As the heat was still making us drip with sweat, we ran over to a huge fan blowing back stage. We then realized we were standing in between all of the artist’s dressing rooms. I have no idea how we got there. People started to crowd around the fan, as it was almost the only source of cool air in the building. We started talking to many of the kids, coming to realize that a few of them were the artists performing. One of the guys we were talking to was one of the DJ’s from the Phoenix duo, Skull Kids.

La Sape killing it.

We then ran to the side of the stage and danced to more of La Sape’s bangers. The crowd looked crazy from stage. A bunch of Mario Party characters were on stage throwing huge light sticks to the crowd, getting everyone even more exhilarated.

When La Sape ended the crowd didn’t seem to happy. It was as though they wanted them to play the rest of the night, and have no other Dj’s come on and try and fill their footprints. Designer Drugs quickly came on, it seemed as though they could not revive the crowd from La Sape’s mind-blowing set.

I don’t think it is just me when I say that La Sape’s set was 1000 times better than Designer Drugs. Their song choices we just not up to par with the previous set, and the crowd did not seem too pleased.

My friend Logan and I knew there was nothing for us to lose, so we wanted to try and run directly in front of Designer Drugs’ booth. We didn’t care if we got kicked out at this point. The lack of good songs was enticing us. So we jumped over a couch trying to barricade the people on the side of the stage, ran in front of their booth, and immediately got kicked out. It was completely worth it though.

Mario World characters blowing cool air at the crowd.

We were trying to get back into the venue, but realized there was absolutely no point. The highlight of my evening at Midnight Masquerade was the incredible set by La Sape, and no one else was going to top them for the night. Everything that I have heard about Designer Drugs live was nothing like how it was when I saw them. They were a major disappointment to the night, but La Sape saved the night with their amazing entrancing beats.

Please check out their Facebook page at and show La Sape some support!

For more pictures from the event go to Midnight Masquerade’s Facebook page:

Guess we have to wait til’ next year to dress in absurd outfit’s again.



This is a slideshow I made about my awesome experience that I had at Soundwave.

Check it out!


The start to a great night.

Brenton and I before the concert.

My friends and I waiting in line to get our tickets.

All the girls waiting to get their wristbands for backstage!

Once we got into the concert, we met up and talked with Manufactured Superstars, one of the groups that performed, after his set.

While I was waiting in the extremely long line for the bathroom, I met a girl with the coolest graffiti on her leg.

Then I got to the front of the crowd for a little and enjoyed watching Dirty South perform.

I ran into my friend Logan in the crowd.

We walked over to the Dubstep tent for a few sets before Kaskade came on.

It was then time for Kaskade.


Today is Sounwave Music Festival at Big Surf Wave Park in Mesa, Arizona. The line-up is filled with a bunch of different genres of incredible DJ’s including Kaskade, Dirty South, Z-Trip, Savoy, and Manufactured Superstars. The first acts start at 4:00 PM but the well-known DJ’s start around 7. There are three different stages filled with all different kinds of house music. The best part about it: the water slides are open, all night long. Last year it rained all day, but today is a beautiful sunny day, so it’s going to be AWESOME. If you are in Arizona, and aren’t busy, I highly suggest making it to Big Surf and getting a ticket for $40. It will be well worth it.


Tune in Monday for a recap of the great times that will be experienced at Soundwave! Hope to see anyone there raging your face off!